Xavier Papirius

Page who tried to kill King Calith.


During travel one night, the King awoke with a cry to see one of his 10 year old pages, Xavier, standing over him in the dark of the royal pavillion holding a knife. The boy’s eyes were wide and shining, and the downward motion of the knife was slow, as though struggling against the currents of a tide. The royal guardsman heard the King’s cry, and without hesitation, ran the boy through with his sword. When lanterns were lit, and the assailant was seen in full light, there was an outcry of grief. The boy had been well loved and promising, and the guardsman was sure, at first, that he must have made a terrible mistake. He had seen the glint of the moon on steel and reacted with gut instinct.

The King assured him that he had made the right decision, and insisted that there had been no trace of that boy in the figure that held the knife.

Xavier Papirius

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