Queen Laurella Amatius

Queen of Caledonia, former Princess of Vidani


Queen Laurella Amatius is only recently married to King Cailith Amatius of Caledonia. Formerly a princess of Vidani, her father married her off to Cailith to help seal a peace treaty between the two kingdoms just over three years ago.

Laurella is talkative, and prone to fits. It is obvious that she was catered to as a child. She is something of a control freak, and is often short with the servants. She considers herself an expert on the subject of gardens, and often reverts to conversation about them when she is nervous or uncertain.

A foreign Queen, and from a kingdom who has been such a long standing enemy, Laurella has never been terribly popular with the court. Unfortunately, she is also not terribly popular with her husband, Cailith.

Their strained relationship has been a source of tension, and is generally speculated as the reason for the lack of an heir.

Laurella was recently discovered to finally be with child, after years of pressure to produce an heir. She has requested a visit home to Vidani to see her father and plead with him for help for Caledonia.


Queen Laurella Amatius

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