King Calith Amatius

King of Caledonia


King Cailith is the King of Caledonia.

A practical man who was used to handling affairs in person for his aging father during the end of his rein, Cailith became King not five years ago after the death of his father. Cailith spent a great deal of time in the military field opposite the Vidani, and has traveled much of the kingdom.

Cailith recognizes the need for pomp, rank, and ceremony, but he endures it rather than enjoys it. WIth his friends and advisors, he rarely stands on ceremony. He tends to be blunt and decisive, and doesn’t hesitate to follow his gut.

He is currently residing in Portus Clare, which is under siege.

He is currently wed to Queen Laurella Amatius. Their relationship is not a love match, and there is little love lost between the two of them. They keep things civil for appearance sake.

Cailith and Laurella are currently expecting their first child.

King Calith Amatius

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