Lady Galatea Livius

Daughter of Duke Livius and in love with a thief.


Galatea is the only daughter of Duke Livius, one of the more wealthy and most highly respected members of the peerage in Caldeonia. She’s an exceptional beauty, but not very bright and rather naive.

Always stubbornly independent, Galatea has a history of getting herself into trouble. Her family’s importance and her father’s indulgence means that everyone is willing to accept the bubbly socialite exterior she chooses to put forth in court and write the rest off as rumors.

Keeping in theme, she managed to fall in love with Corbis, and has taken him as a lover. Galatea knows that Corbis is a thief, and finds his double life is alluring. Her secret is a big one- her father would not be so lenient with this particular misstep.

Galatea is head over heels for Corbis, and is completely convinced that he returns her feelings.

Lady Galatea Livius

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