Atoc Ikal

A warrior from across the sea, stranded in a strange land.


Stock: Human Age: 26 Lifepaths: 4


  • Someday I will reunite with my people.
  • These foreigners saved my life, so I am obligated to serve them until I can rejoin my own people.
  • I am seen as a political tool by the nobles here, a pawn in their games, and I will not trust them.


  • Always start combat in aggressive stance.
  • Always be conspicuous at court.
  • When surprised, attack.


  • Pragmatic
  • Mark of Privilege
  • Sworn Homage
  • Booming Voice




  • Will: B4
  • Power: B5
  • Agility: B5
  • Perception: B4
  • Forte: B4
  • Speed: B4 (multiplier: 14)


  • Resources: B1
  • Circles: B2 (Reputation: 2D Foreign Warrior, Affiliation: 2D Local Nobility)
  • Health: B5
  • Reflexes: B4
  • Steel: B6 (hesitation: 6)
  • Mortal Wound: B10 (superficial 3, light 5, midi 7, severe 8, traumatic 9, mortal 10)


Mounted Combat: Trained, Armor Training: Trained, Shield Training: Trained, Mace: B4, Sword: B4, Riding: B3, Intimidation: B3, Etiquette: B3, Conspicuous: B3, Lance: B3, Brawling: B3, Command: B3, Knives: B2, Read: B2, Write: B2, Foreign Language: B2, Mending: B2


Warhorse (named Olin), Finery, Plated Mail Armor (5D), Great Shield (5D), Sword(power 3, add 2, speed slow, VA -, distance long), Mace(power 2, add 2, speed slow, VA 2, distance short), Dirk(?), Lance(?), Traveling Gear.


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Atoc Ikal

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